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Why Choose MBA in Finance ?

Why Choose MBA in Finance ?

MBA as a qualification has become the most sought after course. The course has been opted by a large number of students wanting a better education, a well paid package, and most of all a well settled career. The MBA storm came and has ever since been trying to settle down. We now stand at a point where we have ample of students opting and passing out the courses but there aren’t enough making sensible decisions and also doing so from institutions of repute.

While this discussion is for a latter day and another article, let us today look into some of the courses that can make a difference while one is opting for a MBA. One such course which I feel one must look into while choosing their specialization is ‘Finance’. MBA Finance is coming out to be one of the most opted and picked up course by students as well as working professionals pursing MBA.

Course Overview:

MBA in Finance would be focused on economies, planning, accounting, investments, analysis of market, taxation costing and many such aspects related to finance.  Your course can also focus on:

  • Decision-making for growth and management
  • Study of futures and options
  • Corporate finance
  • Accounting
  • Management information systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Issues in management and organizations

Career Prospects after completion of MBA in Finance

While completing a MBA in Finance is counted amongst one of the most lucrative careers, it is up to the student to leave his mark. Although it is one of the most making options available in the market, it is also a career full of challenges. After the completion of your MBA you can look at profiles such as:

Investment Banking
While, investment banking has become more of a trend amongst students who do MBA Finance, it is a profile wherein the banker has to raise capital and give sound advices to clients for capital gains.

Management Consultant
Management consultants are employed by firms on full time or part time basis to get assistance in their area of work to maintain the flow of the business.

Private Equity
Being a part of this domain might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The job profile at a private equity firm would demand the aspirants to deal with the nitty-gritty of the private equity industry.

Financial Planning
A financial planner is the one who works to convey improved investment prospects to clients. The job requires you to assist the client in asset allocation for a better future and prospects.

the job of an analyst would require you to crunch numbers to devise plans and sound financial strategies for the concerning business houses.

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