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What Business Schools Prefer?

What Business Schools Prefer?

Research has proved that one learns more when he/she interacts with people from varied backgrounds.

A diverse MBA class is a perfect learning environment and for this reason, Business Schools prefer students with different cultural, personal, and professional backgrounds. In addition, team work is critical for success in any MBA program. Most MBA programs consist of case discussions and group assignments, which call for working in teams. Hence, B-Schools want candidates who have demonstrated an ability to work well in group setting. More often than not, work experience provides individuals an opportunity to work in teams, and demonstrate team work and people skills.

If you are an Asian student, you provide the necessary cultural diversity. Add to this, your work experience brings the necessary diversity in the collective work experience of the class. This makes you an attractive applicant to Business Schools. But the problem is that there are others like you who are applying – applicants from your own country, many with similar backgrounds and achievements, and they all compete with you.

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